Christian Education Ministry Team

The Christian Education Ministry Team exists to educate our adults and children in stewardship, worship, mission and bible study (scripture).

Our main activities are Sunday school for adults and children, children’s church for school age children, vacation bible school, confirmation class, plays/skits during worship, and information sessions for parents of third graders about bibles and session for sacraments.

We offer Sunday school for high school (8th-12th grades), middle school (4th-7th grades), and Pre-K to 3rd grade students.

Our goals for the coming years are to have children participate in church service, increase attendance in Sunday school, mid-high and senior-high activities, a Christmas pageant or One Starry Night, confirmation classes, vacation bible school and community outreach.

Our Pastor, Reverend Rachel Brown was involved in Christian Education for 11 years. Her knowledge and experience has helped in planning various activities.

We are actively looking for more ministry team members. We are working on integrating Christian Education into our mission, worship services, and all facets of our church.

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