New Beginnings Ministry Team

What do we mean by “New Beginnings”?

New Beginnings is our term for the new approach we are taking to enhance people’s spiritual growth and bring more people to Christ.

We ask the questions such as:

  • Why do the younger folks in our families and neighborhoods value church so little?
  • Why have we failed at reaching new generations?
  • How do we form services of worship that fit with our familiar ways while also meeting the expectations of more diverse generations or populations?
  • Do we really know the needs and desires and concerns of the neighborhood in which our church is located?
  • How do we better serve the people in our community with Christ centered initiatives?

Formerly called the Fellowship & Evangelism Committee, then changed to the Natural Church Development Committee, during which time a strong small group ministry was established within the church. In 2012, the committee’s name became New Beginnings and the focus of the committee changed.

Our main activities are promoting Christianity in our community, spiritual growth through small groups and special services and helping our church mission teams meet community needs.

Our goals for the coming years are to continue to nurture spiritual growth of the congregation and the community, promote communication and cohesiveness between congregation members, staff and between committees, meeting the needs of the community, and fertilizing our mission redefinition throughout our church.

We are developing new programs and building new relationships.  Come join us!  Be part of our New Beginning!


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